The Oregon Coast: Refreshed, Rejuvenated & Inspired

By Sportiqe CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Altman

One of my favorite places to roam is the Oregon coast. I travel there as much as I can, which is usually once or twice a year. 

Why? Being born and raised in the desert of Arizona, I love the contrast of Oregon’s vast topography, visually striking beaches, an abundance of greenery and rock formations around every turn are just a few of the reasons the Oregon coast calls me to return again and again. From the energy and the ambiance, to the local fare and friendly people, The Oregon coast leaves me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and alive. Some of my best ideas have emerged from my time in Oregon.

I just returned from a Fall adventure at Cannon Beach to celebrate a milestone with my wife and friends. Follow along as I take you through my time roaming through Oregon.

Where to go: Haystack Rock

No visit to Cannon Beach is complete without taking in the breathtaking views of Haystack Rock. A stunning rock formation that jets out from the ocean water is a sight, especially when covered in the hazy fog of a typical fall day in Oregon. A beach bonfire and the Sportiqe Applique Olsen Hoodie were the perfect ways to stay warm on this brisk day. 

Where to Crab: Kelly’s Brighton Marina

Going crabbing is an experience I’ve always wanted to have, and this trip proved to be the right time. We chose Nehalem Bay at Kelly's Brighton Marina because of its stellar reputation, and we were not disappointed.

The guides hooked us up with a boat, crab pots bait and some instruction on how to get the best crabs. We learned a crabbing strategy – drop the crab pots with baits about 20-30 yards apart and let each of them sit for 15 minutes. By the time you’ve placed each pot, it’s about time to go back and bring in the first pot. 

We also learned the specifications for which crabs we could keep and which we had to return to the water. Females always go back. Males that are too small also are returned. With some of the pots, we had caught dozens of crab but could only keep one, sometimes none. In the end, we were able to keep 11 from all of our drops, which was a plentiful feast for our group.

The crab feast that commenced was the highlight of the crabbing experience. The crew at Kelly’s Brighton Marina were ready with vats of boiling water, and they cooked our crabs for us. We then cleaned them and prepped them for eating. Nothing compares to the taste of freshly caught crab dipped in crab butter.

Where to Hike: Ecola State Park

One of the best ways to experience the majesty of Cannon Beach is through Ecola State Park. With hiking trails that hug the side of a mountain at the coast’s edge, Ecola offers sweeping views of the dramatic landscapes. The breezy ocean area, beaten path and high altitude was a peaceful respite.

Where to Eat: Finding Local Gems

My roaming is never complete without visits to local restaurants and coffee shops. A favorite of mine is Sleepy Munk Coffee Roasters, a bungalow-style stop complete with Adirondack chairs out front. But the best part is the friendly baristas who make this coffee shop a must-stop every time I’m in the area. When in doubt, we make a relaxing meal ourselves at home and take in the evening views. 



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