Careers at Sportiqe: Craft Your Legacy in Comfort

Journey with the Trailblazers

At Sportiqe, we don't just design apparel; we craft legacies. Joining our ranks means being part of a tight-knit, agile, and energized team that's not just making waves but setting the tide in the lifestyle apparel space. From creating custom-decorated pieces for sectors spanning corporate, resort, professional sports, music, and entertainment to championing our signature brand directly to consumers, our reach is expansive and our impact profound.

Empower Your Spirit

Embrace a role where your potential knows no bounds. Every day is an opportunity to create, innovate, and challenge the ordinary. We operate in a relaxed yet agile environment, fostering collaboration and individual growth. With every team member owning and expanding their niche within the company, we've collectively comforted over 5 million souls, collaborating with illustrious brands and personalities.

A Tribe Awaits

Our team isn't just a workforce; it's a tribe of like-minded souls, each contributing their unique thread to the fabric of our brand. By embracing inclusivity and universal comfort, we believe that our collective strength can weave wonders.

Elevate Every Detail

Immerse yourself in an environment where sophistication meets passion. From the meticulous selection of premium fabrics to the innovative designs we launch, every task is a testament to our commitment to conscious luxury.

Passion in Every Stitch

Feel the pulse of our passion. At Sportiqe, every challenge accepted, every design conceived, every boundary pushed emanates our unwavering love for what we do.

Roam in Your Role

Seekers of adventure, spirited souls craving exploration, this is your calling. Dive into daring endeavors, from design drafts to strategy sessions, and echo our mantra in every task – 'Roam in Comfort'.

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Important Career Information

Whether you apply with us or not, please be mindful during your career search. Sportiqe will never contact you via text to set up an interview or provide an offer letter. We will never extend an offer without conducting in-person or virtual face-to-face interviews. If you're unsure if you've received a legitimate request, please contact us directly to verify.