BEAM IMPACT x sportiqe

Solving Societal Issues, One Click and 1% at a Time

MYTH: Solving homelessness, helping children in third-world countries and doing right by our planet need large-scale initiatives to make a big difference.

In reality, change can happen through thousands of micro-changes that make a significant impact over time. Here at Sportiqe, we have always admired (and emulated) the “Get Better Everyday by 1%” philosophy. The principle is, if you improve something every day by just 1%, this seemingly small improvement will grow exponentially over time.

With this philosophy in mind, we are extremely proud of our collaboration with Beam Impact, which marries our 1% philosophy with our desire to leave a positive impact on our world. For every Sportiqe purchase, we will allow our customers to contribute 1% of their total to one of four high-impact nonprofits. The contribution doesn’t change your total purchase amount with Sportiqe. With just the simple click of a button to say where you think a 1% donation should go, you’ve made an impact.

Easy, right? We agree. The most difficult part will be deciding where to send your impact money. Allow us to introduce you to these four worthy nonprofits – and align them to causes that mean something to you – to make your decision easier:

For The Nature Enthusiast:

Grand Canyon Conservancy

Grand Canyon Conservancy works to protect Grand Canyon National Park. As the official nonprofit partner, GCC shares ways for you to stay engaged and connected to this Natural Wonder of the World. 

What Your 1% Contribution Will Do:

Help fund one week of park residency for an astronomer to research and distribute information about the Grand Canyon's night skies.

For The Community Advocate:

UMOM New Day Centers

UMOM New Day Centers works to restore hope and rebuild lives by providing shelter, services and affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness. 

What Your 1% Contribution Will Do:

Help fund a 4-day Employment Readiness Workshop to give UMOM residents the skills to become economically self-sufficient.

For The Global Helper: 

Himalayan Children’s Charities

Himalayan Children’s Charities creates paths out of poverty for vulnerable children and at-risk youth in Nepal. Through investment in quality education, innovative mentorship and a loving family environment, Himalayan Children’s Charities helps build lives of leadership. 

What Your 1% Contribution Will Do:

Help fund tuition for one month of college for an underserved high school graduate in Nepal.

For The Child at Heart: 

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center is leading the way to better understand, treat, and improve life for people with autism by providing a lifetime of support, conducting research and educating the public. 

What Your 1% Contribution Will Do:

Fund children's books and reading lessons for four weeks for autistic children to practice their learning and comprehension skills.

Our ultimate goal with our Beam Impact partnership is to make a meaningful impact on humanity and help reach each of their achievable goals. Will you join us?

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead
October 29, 2021