June 29, 2022

Epic Road Trips to Satisfy Your Need to Roam

Summertime is made for getaways, time off and the ability to recharge. What better way to honor summer than by roaming?

This year is considered the summer of travel, particularly because of pent up demand from canceled trips and pandemic restrictions. Flights are trending on the expensive side as a result, so why not embark on an epic roam trip? After all, road trips are the best way to wander and have more room for spontaneity.

Are you in? We’ve rounded up our recommendations for five epic road trips that will surely satisfy your need to roam:

1. The scenic California Coast. Drive alongside Highway 1 in California and you’ll see why they call it the Golden Coast – the views are one in a million. The most dramatic sight is called the 17-Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula filled with steep cliffs along the water, seals lounging in the sun and a rich forest backdrop. 

2. A dose of nostalgia on Route 66. Route 66 used to be one of America’s most popular highways, and now it’s a tribute to Americana culture. From Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 still holds the nostalgic charm of the past with certain stops feeling like a step back in time. Route 66 still has diners, motels and historic markers that will make embarking on a road trip a trip to remember. 

3. Island hopping in the Florida Keys. Crystal clear water as far as the eye can see over bridges that appear to walk on water? That’s the magic of the 120-mile-long island chain through the Florida Keys. Stop along the way to enjoy beach bars, water sports and picturesque lighthouses all culminating toward the 7 Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world. 

4. The legendary Road to Hana. The Road to Hana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maui, Hawaii for its rugged paths and breathtaking waterfalls. The drive itself is an unforgettable adventure with new discoveries awaiting around every turn. In Hana, you’ll find the red-sand beach that’s well worth the journey. 

5. Southern Utah’s Highway 12. There’s nothing like the dramatic rock formations in southern Utah at Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. Rugged beauty and winding roads will whisk you away into another world that opens up to colorful canyons, each one more memorable than the last. Drive along Highway 12 to experience this natural beauty for yourself. 

No matter where you decide to roam this summer, be sure you’re packing apparel that’s appropriate for the weather, easy to tote and, above all else, comfortable. 

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead