June 17, 2022

Change the Equation to Strengthen Humanity

Embrace Respect This Juneteenth

Respect: It’s one of our core values at Sportiqe. We use this core value to reinforce how we treat others, how we collaborate and how we honor those around us. With respect, we can be sure we’re treating others around us with fairness, objectivity and kindness. 

This Sunday, June 19 is Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Holidays are an opportunity to honor the experiences and milestone events of history. However, that awareness shouldn’t just happen once a year. The value of respect is an initiative we should all do our very best to incorporate in our daily lives. 

We look at the value of respect in three ways at Sportiqe: 

  • Never treat someone in a way that will make them feel small.
  • We value the similarities in humanity and celebrate the differences.
  • Treat others how you would want to be treated.

In recognition of Juneteenth, we wanted to highlight our value of respect by acknowledging that first and foremost, we are all the same. We are all human beings. We tend to look at our labels first; race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc. and when we look at people first by a label, we create separation. We then begin to only see differences amongst us, which leads to further separation, and putting causes ahead of humanity. What if we can change the equation to first look at the fact that we are all human beings? Having that be our starting point, it might just change how we treat each other and approach all the causes we fight so hard for. It actually might yield results all parties would be happy with. 

In the spirit of Juneteenth – and every day, for that matter – let us work to put respect above all. When we can come from a singular foundation then we can celebrate the differences in each human being.

- Matt Altman

Sportiqe CEO & Co-Founder