JuLY 11, 2022

Roaming Enthusiasts: 


A thirst for discovering something new.

An inquisitive spirit.

An unexplainable need to roam.

Is this you? These qualities are just a few of many that we’re looking for in the debut of our first-ever Roam Grant.

The Roam Grant is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dream big, plan your ideal getaway, experience it and have someone else foot the bill. Seriously.

The idea for the Roam Grant was born from Sportiqe’s mission to inspire everyone to roam in comfort. While we fulfill this mission by outfitting individuals around the world to roam in comfort, we saw the opportunity to focus on one individual for one trip of a lifetime. In doing so, the lucky recipient will have the chance to roam far beyond their normal boundaries to a place uncharted.  

Whether it’s strolling a white sand beach, discovering a tropical waterfall or parasailing across the open ocean – or any other exploration of somewhere that you’ve never been – we want to hear your idea for your dream destination. 

What will you do when you get there? Who will you travel with? What experiences do you hope to have? These are all details to include in your Roam Grant application. If you’re a Roam Grant recipient, Sportiqe will help you to make your vision a reality by providing a grant in the amount of $2,500 and outfitting you in the latest styles from Sportiqe. 

Ready to see if you’re eligible for the Roam Grant? Follow the link below for all of the details and requirements.

Best of luck, and happy roaming!