Pork ribs are ridiculously amazing and there are so many ways you can make them. My earliest memories are when I was a kid. My Mom would braise them in the oven and then my Dad would sauce them up and grill them creating the charred little bits. They are one of my greatest childhood food memories. 


Always purchase the thickest ribs you can buy. If there are bones showing, don’t bother. We are looking for meaty ribs and if the bones (shiners) are showing the chances of them turning out great go down. The ribs we want here are St Louis style ribs. Baby back ribs taper too much and are the most difficult ribs to consistently cook well.


  • St Louis Ribs
  • House Seasoning
  • Mix Dalmatian Mix Paprika
  • White Sugar
  • House BBQ Sauce
  • Honey or Agave Nectar
  • Heavy Duty Foil
  • Sauce Brush
  • Sheet Pan with Wire Rack (Oven Only)
  • Cutting Board
  • Serving Tray
  • Friends & Family


  1. Preheat your Cooker: 
    Using a Smoker – Light the charcoal or wood in your smoker with a desired temperature of 250 to 275. 
    Using an Oven – Preheat the oven to 275. If it is a convection oven, set it to 250.

  2. Seasoning – We are going to do four steps so that we can add a little extra sweetness and color to the ribs. First, sprinkle roughly 1 teaspoon of paprika on the back (bone side) of each rack of ribs. Second, sprinkle roughly 1 T of white sugar and then we want to do a light sprinkling of the seasoning mix. Finish it with a sprinkling of the Dalmatian Rub Mix. Flip the racks of ribs and repeat.

  3. Cooking – When the smoker or oven is at temp add the ribs to the smoker rack or place the rack of ribs to the wire rack on a sheet pan covered with aluminum foil to simplify cleaning. Set a timer and check back in 3 hours. Maintain your smokers temperature to roughly 250 degrees.

  4. Time to Wrap – We are going to look for a nice mahogany color on the ribs for us to wrap. The total time to wrap will be roughly 4 hours. Go by color, not time. We will use a large piece of heavy duty aluminum foil. If it’s the thin type, double it.  Spread the foil out and squeeze out ~ 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of LMB House BBQ Sauce in a diagonal patter. Fold over the foil all of the way around the ribs. Make sure they are completely covered. Return to the smoker or the oven.

  5. Pull the Ribs – The ribs will be done when they are approximately 200 degrees. The easiest way to tell is by picking them up from the middle with a small kitchen towel. The ribs will feel loose but not to the point that they feel they will break in half. 

  6. Serving the Ribs – The easiest way to slice the ribs is by turning them over to the rib side. Use a long sharp knife and slice between the ribs. Imagine you are that lumberjack on those lumberjack competitions you used to see and use a long smooth stroke so that you don’t crush or tear the meat. Once they are sliced, put them on a platter and go make your friends and happy family.






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