Celebrating 15 Years of Comfort

Celebrating 15 Years of Comfort
Written By: Jason Franklin, Sportiqe Co-Founder
Most start up companies don’t make it through the first year or two, much less 15. I know we’re entering some pretty rare air, so as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, I have taken some time to reflect. I am so grateful to have a dream as a young child and then have the ability to spend my life fulfilling it. Thanks to all of you, I get to live that dream every day at Sportiqe.
Thank you to EVERYONE that believed in Matt and I enough to help us get Sportiqe started. So many people have jumped in to support in any way they could. From letting me sleep on their couch or spare bedroom when I was traveling through town to buying Sportiqe for their company's apparel, to telling their friends about Sportiqe, all the way to buying apparel on Sportiqe.com. We are so grateful! Sportiqe has grown largely because of grassroots; one person telling another person about Sportiqe.  That means YOU (yes you - person reading this right now) have been a HUGE help to the success of Sportiqe.
THANK YOU to the Sportiqe team/family for always going above and beyond, and giving all of their efforts to get the brand to where we are.  I say this all the time, but we’re just getting warmed up. 
The buffalo is so much more than the Sportiqe logo. The entire Sportiqe team, and our partners, have also adopted the traits of a buffalo.  One of the biggest ones being: No matter the conditions (especially the conditions this last year and now) the buffalo will continue to roam. We will not stop until everyone on this planet is roaming in Sportiqe comfort! 
This blog can’t go any further without a special shot out to the ones that have stood by my side and Matt's side since day one: my wife Clarisa and Matt’s wife Clara. You women have been instrumental in getting to Sportiqe to where we’re at. You both have always been there to celebrate or to pick us up when we needed it the most, and for that, we are eternally for your support. 
The Sportiqe family truly believes that we have a small hand in helping people be more comfortable in their everyday life, so they can be their best self. From the bottom of my heart and the team's heart, we thank you for all of your support these past 15 years. 
Jason Franklin, 

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