August 1, 2022

The Start of A Tradition:


As human beings, we are here to experience this planet, see and take in our surroundings and be active in our world. It’s a purpose that's deep within you and deep within me. 

At Sportiqe, we have a front-row seat to watch others explore the world. We help them #roamincomfort – with our apparel and our encouragement – and always strive to add to their sense of joy as they roam. 

Last year, we had an opportunity to turn that encouragement inward. It was mid-2021, and our amazing team was working harder than they had ever worked. They needed a day to do what we preach to our customers and our partners – a day to roam. Roam Day, presented by Sportiqe, was born. 

We picked the second Monday of August and set the idea in motion: everyone who worked at Sportiqe would officially sign off on that day, recognize Roam Day, and be supported in roaming however they saw fit. For some, that meant packing up the car and heading north for cooler temps. For others, celebrating Roam Day was all about throwing on their comfiest Sportiqe threads and recharging on the couch. 

On the day after our first Roam Day, we chatted with one another about our time. A few highlights of how our team spent the day:

Hiking in the early hours


Relaxing with family

Getting a treatment at the spa

Everyone returned from Roam Day recharged. Better yet, we collectively felt like we were supporting a core need in humanity, walking the walk, and being true to ourselves and our values. Roam Day was so fulfilling that we knew we had to make this an annual tradition and add it to our list of Sportiqe holidays. 

This year, we’re doing two things:

  • We’ve given our team more notice about Roam Day so they can have additional planning time. I can’t wait to see where they go and what they see during their long weekend. 
  • For anyone who believes in our mission, we invite you to celebrate Roam Day with us. The rules are simple: pick a destination/activity, unplug and see where the day takes you. 

Monday, August 8, our team will officially be OOO in honor of Roam Day. When we return, we’ll be full of inspiration, energy and excitement to help inspire your next roam, wherever and whenever that may be. 

- Matt Altman

Sportiqe CEO & Co-Founder