August 23, 2022


Tales of our Second Annual Roam Day

At Sportiqe, we are full believers in the power of roaming. It ignites our wanderlust spirit, inspires new adventures and makes us feel fully human. 

So, we found there is no better way to honor our values than to take a day off and dedicate it specifically to roaming, however each team member chooses. It’s called Roam Day, and for the second year in a row, we each set our out-of-office replies and spent the day doing whatever spoke to us. No restrictions.

Here are our stories from the day:

Roamed to Kaua'i for some much needed salt therapy! - Micah, Logistics & Inventory Manager

Explored Steamboat, Winter Park, Mary Jane and Gravity Haus for Roam day. All of which are Sportiqe clients! Took my roaming buddy, Perry (Golden Retriever) with me. - Taylor, Sales/Account Manager 

I roamed locally, to visit my parents. We had a great time catching up, telling stories, and my dad grilled up his famous hamburgers for lunch! - Marissa, Director of Accounting & Finance

Took a trip to Lake Texoma in Texas. Sporting my dusty purple Arcadia tee here... before I fell in the water - Mary, Editorial Graphic Designer

Roamed to the spot I got married at - Jason, Sportiqe Co-Founder

My husband and I roamed just south of Phoenix to explore the Sonoran desert on our dirt bikes. I recently bought a 1971 Yamaha 175 Enduro that I'm slowly learning to ride on, it was hot but so beautiful and a lot of fun. Side note: my Canadian tuxedo may or may not have been intentional. :) - Tina, Sales Coordinator

Roamed to a rooftop yoga class with some friends. The weather was PERFECT! - Jess, eCommerce Manager

My family Roamed in Lake Placid. Here is a picture of my son on Mirror Lake. We spent most of the day on the water. - Brendon, Account Executive 

Went for an open-water swim and a father-son golf outing for Roam Day. - Garett, Director of Marketing 

Roaming in comfort in northern AZ with family - Alex, Sales Associate

We hope we’ve inspired you to take a roam day of your own – or perhaps join us next year on the second Monday in August for our third annual Roam Day.