December 25, 2021


team SPORTIQE'S most treasured traditions

One of the greatest aspects of the holidays are traditions. In times that are happy and times that are difficult, it’s the traditions that ground us, connect us and make us remember what’s most important. When we decided to round up our team’s favorite traditions, we were curious if there were any underlying themes. It turns out that while our Sportiqe family loves eating, roaming and preparing for Santa in their unique ways, one theme rose above the rest: spending time with family and friends. Their traditions then become the cherry on top to a magical gathering with loved ones. 

We asked the Sportiqe Team

What's Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

"My favorite holiday tradition is buying matching Christmas PJ's for my kids. I have been doing it since they were babies and Christmas 2020 is attached!"

 - Christine

Staff Accountant 

"Every year on Christmas morning, my Jewish family goes out for a Brunch of Dim Sum! We eat dumplings, noodles and veggies! On the left is Lexi enjoying her first shrimp dumpling ;)"

- Rebecca

Executive Assistant

"My favorite holiday tradition is when my wife and I road trip to Snowbowl for our annual ski trip. We love the snow, views and of course, skiing!"

- Jay

B2B Sales Executive

"My favorite holiday tradition is making pounds of pierogi and kielbasa with my family for our Christmas Eve family feast!Having a big Polish family means we are making hundreds of them at a time to try and feed everyone, so it's a whole family event to get them all made."

- Samantha

Sales Coordinator

"My kids like to watch The Grinch during the holidays. They love their “cuddle sandwich” with their Sportiqe sherpa blanket."

- Jason


"My favorite holiday tradition is cutting down our Christmas tree. I have 2 young children, Charlie 7 and Elizabeth 5, and they have a blast picking out a tree. I don’t have a picture of us cutting down the tree, so here is a picture of the kids dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus."


B2B Sales Executive 

"My favorite holiday tradition is decorating Gingerbread Houses with my family and nieces. As anyone at Sportiqe knows, my favorite movie is Elf and I love candy. We collect any old or unwanted candy in a bin throughout the year (think clearance, post-Halloween, etc.) and everyone gets to choose their own "foundation" for the house - it could be a mansion, a cabin, or even a doghouse! It's a full afternoon with lots of laughter, and inevitably a few bellyaches as I can't resist eating a few of the building materials throughout the process. We proudly keep them on display after Thanksgiving through into January and every year is filled with new memories.

- Marissa

Director Of Accounting & Finance

"My favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my Niece, Tenley, on Christmas Eve to leave out that night for Santa."

- Jessica

eCommerce Manager 

"My favorite holiday traditions are being with family, friends, and good food. From my mother’s Lasagna and Chocolate Pudding Pie, to going into NYC to see the tree in Rockefeller Center with friends and family, I always enjoy heading back home to NJ for the holidays."

- Natalie

Editorial Designer

"My favorite holiday tradition is to throw a holiday party. This year it’s on New Year’s. There is nothing better than celebrating with loved ones as we look back on what we accomplished and look forward to the new year. Please put on the blog my address and let everyone know to show up by 8:00 p.m. before the eggnog is gone."

- Chris

B2B Sales Executive 

"Every Christmas Eve, my husband and I will put cookies and milk out for Santa, and we'll put carrots outside for the reindeer. After the kiddos are tucked in, we'll eat the cookies, drink the milk, and take bites out of the carrots and throw a couple on the roof....the reindeer gotta eat too - flying all night makes them hungry. The kids love to go outside the next morning and see all the bitten up carrot bits on the ground and roof. This is our favorite tradition!"

- JinHee

Shipping/Receiving Associate

"My favorite holiday tradition is making Greek dinner on either Thanksgiving or Christmas day."

- Taylor

B2B Sales Executive

"My favorite holiday tradition is spending time at my grandparent's house back home in Texas for Thanksgiving. We always have the full spread of Thanksgiving food and spend time together watching the Dallas Cowboys game."


B2B Sales Executive

"My favorite Holiday Tradition is taking my daughter to the “Lighting of the Square” here in Northwest Arkansas. She loves all of the Christmas lights."

- Cory

Senior Designer

"A couple of my favorite holiday traditions are driving around with my family/friends on a night close to Christmas to look at all of the crazy Christmas lights that people have put up and going to church on Christmas Eve and then having a huge feast with family."

- Micah

Logistics/Inventory Manager

No matter what your plans are this year, or what traditions you plan to start or uphold, we hope you are blessed to spend your time with those you love. From all of us at Sportiqe, we wish you the happiest of holidays!

Roam in Comfort,
The Sportiqe Family

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead