1st day of fall

Tips for Being Comfy
in Cooler Weather

We’re all about apparel that allows you to be comfortable, yet gives you the freedom to move. We know from experience when you feel good, you show up in the world as your best self. Sometimes the challenge isn’t the pieces themselves; it’s putting them together for a look that makes you feel unstoppable. We’ve got your back. Here are three ways to wear some of our most loved Sportiqe pieces from our core collection but stay tuned because these tips will also apply to our NEW FALL COLORS collection launching soon. 

1. Oversized is In

Skinny jeans were declared dead this year and it paved the way for the oversized look to return. Try sizing up in our signature Olsen Hoodie, then pair it with roomy or bootcut jeans or our super soft comfy fleece Daly Joggers complete with a chunky drawstring. Don’t be afraid to continue the oversized theme with a utility boot or high tops. 


Want to look effortless this season? Tie a hoodie around your waist, but do it in a way that brings together your entire ensemble. Start by wearing jeans and a basic T-shirt in the color of your choice like our Classic Comfy Tee or the Women’s Phoebe Tee. For the tied piece, a long-sleeved lightweight material typically works best, like the Rowan or Olsen Hoodie. Tie the layering piece around the narrowest part of your waist, and leave drawstrings, hoodies or sleeves hanging down long. Make sure to move the tied knot to the center.  


The monochromatic look is wildly popular this season because it gives you a polished look that’s easy to throw on. We recommend our Olsen Hoodie and matching it with our Daly Joggers. To add some interest to this uniform look, try cuffing or scrunching up the hoodie sleeves, which will add dimension and style. You can also try a French tuck – only tucking in the very front of your sweatshirt and loosely leaving the back out – to break up the one-color look. Accessorize with a hat, shoes, or jewelry to complete your look. 

Above all, remember that comfort is key and that no matter where you are in life, you always deserve to be comfortable. 

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead
September 20, 2021