Mens Summer Fashion Guide

Summer is here, which means it's time to go outside and have some fun in the sun. Whether you are headed to the beach, going out on a boat, enjoying brunch at a Hometown Classic or just getting drinks and enjoying the beautiful weather - this Mens Summer Fashion Guide will help you dress for the right sunny scenario. 


First, a couple things to keep in mind for summer.

  • Color cohesion is key. Since there will be lots of light in the summer months, the colors that you're wearing will really pop in the sun.
  • Find clothes that fit. There is plenty of space and lighting in summer, which means everything you wear will be visible. 

Color and graphic selection of your t-shirt is important because you want your summer outfit to work together. Summer calls for one piece to stand out in the sun, whether it be your pants, shoes, or ideally, your t-shirt. Here a few do's and don'ts when choosing the right summer outfit.


  • Go bold with one item - either your t-shirt, pants/shorts, or shoes - while keeping the other items subtle (white, light gray, khaki).
  • Celebrate the sun with a bright color or graphic. 
  • Try something new. Summer is casual, so as long as the styles fit well, you can pull it off.


  • Mix too many bold graphics and colors.
  • Wear black and earth tones. These colors are best for the fall and winter months. 


You have options when it comes to a summer shirt. T-Shirts are the most fun, but you can also rock a polo or button down shirt. For this guide, we'll cover t-shirts and have a few tips for the button down crowd. 

First, you need to decide whether the shirt you'll wear is going to be the centerpiece to your summer outfit. The graphic and color will help you decide whether your shirt will be the focal point to base things off of. Will you go bold with a color that pops, or will you opt for something more subtle?  If you go subtle with a white or alloy shirt, then you'll have plenty of room to go bold on your pants or shoes. But, it's always easiest to get away with a bold summer shirt.

If you're going with a t-shirt, it's important to choose the style and color that fits you best. If you want a bright t-shirt that's lightweight with a nice burnout look, the NEO style is a perfect summer tee. If you want to let that chest hair glisten and need a stylish alternative to a basic T, the COMFY V Neck tees have a super soft fit that's made from a high quality tri-blend material. Basic crewneck t-shirts offer a nice middle ground for a guy with an average body build. Try shopping the COMFY T if you want a crewneck shirt that has style and comfort beyond a typical undershirt. 

If your summer occasion calls for a button down shirt, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep note of the length. You want a button down to land in the same place a t-shirt would: just below the belt in the front and slightly higher in the sides. A good test for length is to bend or sit down and see if the shirt stays below your belt line.
  • Roll the sleeves to hide those missed gym days and help fill those sleeves out.
  • Make sure the shirt fits nicely across the chest and waist. 


You have two options for summer pants: shorts or chinos. Shorts or chinos.

Shorts work really well in sunny summer scenarios for a variety of reasons.

  • Shorts are slightly cheaper than chinos.
  • Shorts have more room for error in terms of fit.
  • Shorts work better in summer heat.

If you're going with shorts, go with a length that you're confident wearing. A 7" inseam is a nice length that's not too short, and not too long. But, if you're going to be uncomfortable with a 7" length, go with a 8-10" short. Or, if you have the legs to do it, a 5" length works too.

Bonobos and J Crew both have a variety of colors and sizes in their summer short selections. 

Chinos is another option. If you're going with chinos, make sure that you a find a pair that fits you the best. Poor fit is much more apparent in chinos than it is in shorts. Besides the normal sizing issues with pants, it's important to note the inseam. Err on the shorter side of things. Keep the leg opening on the slim but not skinny side and don't have the pants break against your shoes. 

When deciding the color of your shorts or chinos, it's important to base it off of the shirt you've chosen. If you shirt is going to pop in the summer sun, keep the pants subtle. If your shirt is subtle, try going a little crazy with your pant color. 


A couple points about shoes:

  • If your shoes are floral or loud, they're your focal point. Make sure to wear subtle shirts and pants if your shoes stand out.
  • Sneakers are fine if they make you happy. Keep them simple and pair the color up right. 
  • If your shoes are colored, wear a colored shirt and colorless pants. 
  • If your pants are colored, wear colorless shoes and a colorless shirt.


Summer accessories can really add some uniqueness to your summer outfit. Here are a few points about your typical summer accessories.

  • Watches add classiness and are a nice accessory to add to most outfits. Dive watches are tasteful for casual settings. Dress watches with t-shirts and shorts look a little off. Strap watches give a nice look for most summer scenarios. 
  • Unless you're at a ballgame, showing off your hair looks nicer than wearing a hat. But, a hat always looks better than having your hair disheveled looking. Do what you gotta do.
  • Sunglasses. You should have summer shades because they're good looking and protect your eyes from the sun. Which brand and style you wear is up to you. Just make sure that your eye brows are visible with whatever pair you choose.