29 Uniqe Dates in Boston Celtics History

June 6, 1946: Boston Celtics were founded

November 5, 1946: Celtics played first game in Boston Garden, lost to Chicago Stage 57 to 55

March 31, 1948: Celtics win first playoff game

August 3, 1949: Celtics become part of the new "NBA" out of the BAA

March 20, 1950: Celtics hire legendary coach Red Auerbach

April 25, 1950: Celtics break color barrier in NBA with first African-American player Duquense star Chuck Cooper

April 30, 1956: Celtics draft Legand Bill Russel and is beginning of the Celtics dynasty

April 15, 1957: Celtics win first championship

April 9, 1959: Celtics win in four games over the Minneapolis Lakers for the first of 8 straight championships

April 9, 1960: Win second NBA Championship in a row over the Hawks

April 11, 1961: Win 3rd straight NBA Championship over the Hawks again

April 18, 1962: Win 4th straight NBA Championship over the Lakers and legendary Wilt Chamberlain

April 24, 1963: Win 5th straight NBA Championship over Lakers once again

April 26, 1964: Win 6th straight NBA Championship over San Francisco Warriors

April 25, 1965: Win 7th straight NBA Championship over Lakes for the 3rd time.

April 20, 1966: Win 8 straight NBA Championship over Lakers again for 4th time in 5 years. Coach Red retires.

May 2, 1968: Boston wins 10th franchise title over Philadelphia

Jan 1, 1970: Bill Russell and Sam Jones retire (end of the dynasty)

June 6, 1976: Celtics win 13th championship

December 19, 1975: Bill Russell gets into NBA hall of fame

June 9, 1978: Celtics Draft legend Larry Bird with the 6th pick in draft

June 12, 1984: Celtics win another championship over the Lakers making it their 15th championship

June 8, 1986: Celtics win again to make it the 16th championship

August 18, 1992: Larry Bird retires

Jan 1, 1995: Celtics move to TD Banknorth Garden ending the Garden era in Boston

June 24, 1998: Celtics Draft Paul Pierce

April 29, 2004: Doc Rivers becomes head coach

July 31, 2007: The big three are together Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett

June 17, 2008: Celtics win their 17th title over the Lakers!

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