Mini McDonald's Cheeseburgers

April 03, 2012

I was at dinner with a friend the other night and I was giving her a recap of what I've been up to. She said that when she experiences a moment that she'll never forget, she calls it a "LOVE MY LIFE" moment. I'm trying to figure out the words to use when these experiences become more then just a moment, and it becomes your entire life.
I'm sitting at the Las Vegas airport trying to do a recap of what i've done in the past two weeks:
-I got the chance to experience Sportiqe night at Madison Square Garden with my parents and brother. We had a great weekend together in NYC, including a stop in the Sportiqe section at Bloomingdale's.
-Make a surprise visit to the Sportiqe section, of the Miami Heat team shop at American Airlines Arena, with my friends (Lions QB)Matthew Stafford, Kelly Hall,(Colts QB) Drew Stanton, and Kristin Stanton
-Do an NFL training session with my friends Drew Stanton and Wes Welker... And then run routes for Drew (i was a horrible route runner. sorry Drew)
-Watch some of my closest friends(and one of Sportiqe's first models) Ryan Johnson and Jenner Evans experience the birth of their first child ROWAN... (I am the baby whisperer!!)
-Celebrate the new Sportiqe/McDonald's partnership at the McDonald's HS All American basketball game in my hometown of Chicago
-Celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends Michael Goldner
-Attend the opening of the EA Sports Bar at The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas. Two Sportiqe family members joining forces, I love it!!
-Spend 24 hours with one of my closest friends and creative mentors Boyd Tinsley.. DMB fans you have A LOT to be excited for... details coming shortly
-Watch Sportiqe drop their first collection at Wrestlemania
-Do a walk through of Ceasars Palace store in the Las Vegas Forum Shops, and check out the new Sportiqe/Caesars Palace collection.

I'm shaking my head that all of the above things happened in the past TWO WEEKS
I will be posting pics and video on our website/facebook in days to come.

What happens when the things you dream of accomplishing in your life become a reality?? You start dreaming up more stuff to accomplish.

Thanks to all of the Sportiqe family and friends that continue to make AMAZING happen everyday!

Talk soon.


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