Happy New Year

January 15, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that you all got the chance to relax a little bit over the holiday. I got the chance to ring in the new year with a few friends in Los Angeles. Thanks to Matty Mills, Uncle Joey and Uncle Dickie for letting me hibernate at casa palazzo for the week. As much as I miss the friends and family back in Chicago, I don’t miss the snow! Sportiqe Apparel had a great 2007, but we are gearing up for an even bigger year in 2008. We are adding quite a few new team members, styles, and customers. I am also happy to announce that there will soon be many other bloggers on the Sportiqe site. We have a cast of characters working here. I am quite certain that you will enjoy reading what they have to say.
A special thanks has to go out to the NBA for putting on such a great expo down in Miami last week. It was so nice to catch up with all of the team buyers and NBA staff. I always enjoy getting the chance to hang with our NBA friends at venues outside of work. Pulling up to a club in south beach with a bus of over 30 people was a sight that I will never forget. Good times had by all. Matt and I were so happy to hear all of the success stories from the teams. The Sportiqe Apparel product is selling great!! I am glad that “the fan” is starting to figure out that there is cool team product at the team shop. The new styles for spring/playoffs were very well received. The new spring graphics are sooooo cool. I also think that the v-neck t-shirts in white and charcoal are going to be huge at the team shops this spring. The new waffles that we have are like butter. The long sleeve tri-blend will bring you to tears of joy. Matt and I are looking forward to hitting up quite a few playoff games. There are so many good teams this year. It is going to be tough to figure out who will be the last team standing this year.
Sportiqe Apparel would like to welcome Nintendo to the family. We are really excited to get the opportunity to put some Sportiqe Apparel product in the NINTENDO WORLD STORE in NYC. The Sportiqe/NINTENDO Mr. Friendly hoodie is so comfy. I got to play the Wii for a little bit over the holiday. I was up playing the bowling game with my cousin A.J till 8:30am new years day. I am hooked. I think we’re going to have to get one for the office.
I am also so excited to announce that Sportiqe Apparel now is sold at Michael’s Hot Dogs in Highland Park, Illinois. The vintage 30-year anniversary t-shirt is now for sale. Go pick them up. I think they’re going to move in a hurry. I grew up on the food at Michael’s. I have had a lot of good times there. I’m really excited to bring Sportiqe Apparel to another hometown venue! Thanks Ben Unger for helping to put that together.
I just want to let you know that in the next few weeks, you will finally be able to buy product on our website!!!! We thank you for your patience. I promise to always be throwing new stuff up for sale on the site, so check back frequently.
Picked up Maroon 5’s B-Side disk. Big fan! The first disk was great. I’m so happy that they released the additional songs.
Time for me to get going. Sorry for the delay in between blogs. Thanks again for all of your support. We’re doing something special here. None of it is possible with out all of you. Thanks again for making our dreams come true!!

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