APRIL 22,  2023

This Earth Day, A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Earth,

You are known by many names – Earth, Mother Nature, Third Rock from the Sun – but one title stands out above all: home.

You are home to every living creature, sustaining life as we know it. And what better way to celebrate you this Earth Day than by sharing everything we love about you? You provide us with endless inspiration.

At Sportiqe, we turn to you for every collection, drawing on your landscapes, sceneries, and skies and attempting to harness your beauty. From sunrise to sunset and everything in between, you always offer the invitation to roam.

Your grounds offer countless ways to explore, discover and learn. What colors will we find today? What adventures will we have with you that are new and exciting? What treasures await us?

When we think about roaming in comfort, we always turn back to you, Mother Nature.

How can we draw upon the resources you offer to make others feel more comfortable and more connected to you?

This Earth Day, we honor you, celebrate you and vow to do our part to take care of you.

Roam in Comfort,
The Sportiqe Team