There Comes A Time When Silence Is Betrayal

There Comes A Time When Silence Is Betrayal

"There Comes A Time When Silence Is Betrayal" - Martin Luther King

Our hearts are heavy and saddened by what is unfolding in our world right now. We have always strived to make people feel comfortable, but right now, we are uncomfortable. We have sat here grappling with what to say but realize it won't be perfect, but we feel compelled to share our voice and speak up.

As a brand, our core values are rooted in everything we do and right now is no different. The way these values came to be was in response to addressing the essential aspects of humanity. Our want for independence and freedom, coupled with our need for community and family. Our inborn characteristic to learn and grow. And lastly, our desire to be appreciated and treated with dignity and respect.

First and foremost, we are ALL human beings. We need to look at each as the same first. Come to understand our similarities and then celebrate our differences, i.e. uniqueness. Kindness cannot be lost in these moments.

1️⃣ Respect: it’s a phrase we’ve heard time and again: “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It all starts here: in your home and personal community.
2️⃣ Teamwork: it takes action from all of us to make a change. We have to unite as people in a positive, respectful way.
3️⃣ Evolve: This value is rooted in a learning & growth mindset, and we have a lot of educating to do on so many levels. We can strive to provide support, listen, learn, and act from kindness. We’re starting here and discussing as a company and team what we can do to help.

We ask in these times that you always lead with respect and compassion. We encourage you to comment, email or DM us your voice, so that we can listen & respond. Our platform is a space for people to be comfortable, so any negative or derogatory comments will be deleted.

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