FEBRUary 24, 2022

Sportiqe in the Wild

5 Western Destinations to Roam in Comfort

Roaming can look like a completely spontaneous adventure with just the clothes on your back, a water bottle in tow and the freedom of wandering until your heart’s content. 

However, a true adventure – one that leaves you feeling accomplished and inspired – often starts with a plan and a destination. 

Not a planner? No problem. Some of our biggest fans have already mapped out some spectacular itineraries, each wearing their favorite Sportiqe pieces – that will inspire you to roam like never before.

📍 Washington’s Volcanoes

The Pacific Northwest is dotted with fjords, bays, islands, and mountains. But its most unique feature? The number of volcanoes in the region, including one of the most well known, Mount Rainier. Potential to erupt is always a possibility, but not without warning. In the meantime, it’s an incredibly popular place for adventure seekers. 

@wanderingbackpack tackled this heart-thumping climb recently that gave way to the most picturesque sunsets. She and her spouse (pictured) chose a black Olsen Hoodie and Daly Joggers in the early morning while drinking coffee, enjoying the sunrise, and staying warm. 

📍 Rocky Mountain National Park

About 415 square miles is a mountain lover’s paradise at Rocky Mountain National Park, which is home to some of the most rugged mountainscapes, forests, and alpine tundras in America. Located in northern Colorado, this exploration playground is considered one of the country’s top wildlife-watching destinations. 

@journeyandlearn made the visit a family affair last fall to watch the leaves change color and to listen to the elks bugling at twilight. Mom and Dad wore their super soft Olsen Hoodies in midnight navy and black while the kiddos matched in the gray Lil' Olsen. If you look closely in the photo’s background, you’ll spy an elk at the base of the forest. 

📍 Harris Beach State Park

Sandy beaches that sit closely to dramatic rock formations that emerge from the ocean are just one of the many sights to enjoy at Harris Beach State Park in Oregon. But this is no ordinary trip to the beach. Harris Beach State Park features tide pool formations, wildlife sightings, hiking across the coastline, and a breeding site for rare birds such as the tufted puffin.

@highheels_and_pineapples brought her pups to this stunning beach, wearing her black Daly Joggers and Olsen Hoodie to keep her warm on a chilly day. While roaming in comfort, she was able to take in the sights, enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks and enjoy a long stroll with her beloved dogs. 

📍 Oahu, Hawaii

@aisha_danielle_’s road trip through Oahu was memorable, from discovering waterfalls and awe-inspiring coastlines to walking barefoot underneath Hawaiian Umbrella Trees. With her Olsen Hoodie and Daly Joggers, both in bone, always along for the adventure, she said, “me and my husband can’t wait for more exploring and travel in our matching Sportiqe. It is so exciting that we have a lifetime of exploring to do.”

📍 Eastern Sierra Mountains

Eastern Sierra Mountains are a sight unlike any other – steep treeless slopes and snowy peaks at higher elevations and densely forested landscapes at lower elevations. The weather can shift quickly, and it’s essential to prepare for all types of weather. 

@followtiffsjourney found a majestic spot on her travels through the Eastern Sierra Mountains wearing her white Olsen Hoodie. “The super soft fabric with the oversized hood makes it a comfortable must-have travel piece for the journey to the outdoors,” she said. 

Roaming free is one of life’s many pleasures. Remember to always make your travels better by roaming in comfort and selecting pieces that will support you along the way. 

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead