Happy New Year! A Note From Our CEO

Happy New Year! A Note From Our CEO

In taking time to reflect back on the year, 2018 was one of exponential growth, new challenges and same challenges in different packages.  The theme this past year has been Evolve, which coincides with one of the company’s values. Essentially having a learning and growth mindset so as to grow in a positive manner.

In a recent planning meeting to get ready for the start of 2019, it was discussed that the theme for the next 90 days would be “Reset.”  Basically looking to take a fresh approach to our craft to further prepare us to continue on this evolutionary path of growth.

As I have been contemplating on the notion of reset, one of the things that kept coming up for me is getting back to the basics. Getting back to the core, which ultimately lead me to a very important question…Why?

Not too long ago Sportiqe was fortunate enough to have Cal Fussman meet with our sales team. Cal talked to us about storytelling and the power of story. He regaled in telling us stories of his time with Muhammad Ali and Mikhail Gorbachev. Then he turned the tables on us and asked everyone to share a story of their own. He posed the question to each of us, Why are we here?  Everyone took their turn in telling their story of why they are at Sportiqe. It was humbling to hear everyone share there why and I was left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for everyone choosing to be a part of the company.

So this question of “why am I here” has been top of mind as I look to reset for 2019. There are many reasons that come to mind but as I peel back the layers of this question, fundamentally for me it is to feel good. That, as a human being on the face of this earth, I have this innate desire to be comfortable, to be conscious, and to experience all this life has to offer.  

Consequently as Sportiqe enters its 14th year of existence, the question of why it is here becomes even more important. For Sportiqe’s why is to make people comfortable. The Sportiqe team accomplished a lot in 2018 in setting a new foundation for growth.  More and more people have been introduced to Sportiqe and ultimately the company has helped comfort over 700,000 people this past year. Our reason for existing is ever stronger as we are inspired to create products, provide service and treat humanity in a comfortable manner.

May this New Year bring you much comfort and the inspiration to answer the question “Why you are here?”

In Gratitude,

Matt Altman
Co-Founder & CEO

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