January 1,  2023


Being alive on this planet at this time in history is quite exciting. I know there are challenges happening with humanity, and this has held true for thousands of years. Yet, there is also something magical happening with humanity. There is an energy permeating through us all, yearning for us to learn, grow and evolve. There is a strength within us that wants to get better and improve our situation.

There is so much opportunity and hope amongst ourselves when we tap into the strength and courage we all have. Human beings can do amazing things for themselves and collectively for humanity when we do so.

As we enter the New Year, the team at Sportiqe is looking at 2023 with a renewed “enthusiasm". For us to have a strong feeling and passion to get better at what we are doing. To further have an active interest in helping people be comfortable with the service and products we provide. And to continue to give back to support people and our environment in areas of need.

We look forward to you roaming with us in 2023, to see the new accounts we work with, the new styles we offer, and the new adventures we have to share.

For me, I am eager to see our team grow together, as well as become better versions of ourselves in 2023 and beyond.

Written By: Matt Altman, CEO