How T-Shirts Should Fit

How T-Shirts Should Fit
Three out of four men who wear t-shirts don't wear them right. Maybe it's because most men don't know how t-shirts should fit. We're here to give you five tips on how t-shirts should fit men so you can feel comfortable in what you wear.

Tip 1: Focus on the shoulder seam. Start with your shoulders. The seam that divides the short sleeve with the body of the t-shirt should rest right at the corner of the shoulder. This fit accentuates your shoulders and helps make your upper arm pop out just slightly into the sleeve to give the impression of wide shoulders.

Tip 2: Focus on sleeve length. The short sleeve of a t-shirt should stop close to the middle of the upper arm. Of course, you do have some freedom here depending on what look you're going for. For the skinny/tight look, the sleeve can cover one third of your arm. If you followed the shoulder advice in tip 1, then the sleeve length should already be on point.

Tip 3: Focus on t-shirt length. The t-shirt should always stop or cover at least half of your belt to at most, half of your zipper. This goes for jeans, chinos or shorts. Anything less or more than these lengths looks a little weird.

Tip 4: Focus on fabric feel. A t-shirts fabric should feel like a soft hug around your body. Your waist size is the biggest determinate in whether the fabric feels like a soft hug or a bear hug. If you're skinny, most t-shirts are mass produced for the largest common denominator and you're left with a tee that's a little loose in the waist area. If you sport a beer belly, then tight or fitted t-shirts accentuate your condition. At Sportiqe, our t-shirts have a fashionable, athletic fit to them.

Tip 5: The t-shirt test. Put on the t-shirt and look in the mirror. Your entire t-shirt should not have any stretch lines (too tight) or loose ripples (too big). If you look nice in the tee, then the size of the t-shirt is what you're going to look for in other t-shirts.

Now that you know how t-shirts should fit, you're probably wondering where you can get nice tees that fit. Sportiqe t-shirts are designed with a fashionable fit in mind. The fabric feels like you're wearing a hug. If you agree with the five fit tips in this article, try shopping the COMFY T.

Hope this article helps you feel comfortable in your t-shirt!