Travel in Comfort

November 08, 2016

When I’m traveling, being comfortable is essential. What I’ve always found interesting about travel is that many people refer to it as being “uncomfortable” or “out of their comfort zone.” Some tend to think that because they leave their place of residence that can’t enjoy any of the comforts of home. Personally, I like to think of home as a more a state of being. If I can surround myself with things that make me comfortable, I can allow myself the same feeling I get when I’m actually at home. So what can we at Sportiqe do to make wherever you are HOME?  We can continue in our mission to make you feel as comfortable as possible, wherever you roam! I want to share a few tips to make you feel at home, wherever that home may be. 

My summertime travel essentials are must-haves for being comfortable. My go-to look for the plane is always a COMFY T & jeans. In my backpack, you’ll find our long sleeved ROWAN, which is perfect for that chill at 30,000ft, and thin enough to not take up too much room in your bag. Another tip for being comfortable is… you guessed it, food. As many of you know, I love to eat and pride myself on being a bit of a foodie, so as you might suspect, I’m not the biggest fan of airplane meals. I always have a few KIND bars tucked in my bag for an easy snack. They give me enough energy to get to my destination without getting too "hangry." Another tip for long flights is staying fresh! My secret is to pack an extra COMFY T in my carry-on to change right before landing. It’s a great way to help you feel less grimy after breathing all of that recycled air. Not to mention, if you’re running through the airports like I am, it’s nice to have that extra T in your bag, especially in the summer time… (queue jokes about Arizona heat). 

In the winter, I normally go with what we at HQ like to call the Sportiqe Tuxedo: the DALY joggers, a THORNTON zip hoodie, and a COMFY T underneath.  This is traveling at maximum comfort level.  For those of you who need a little more “business” in your “business casual”, I’ve created a few variations of this look that still keep me comfortable while traveling. If I’m getting off of the plane and heading straight into a meeting, I’ll pair jeans with a button down oxford, and throw a THORTON zip-up or a ROWAN overtop. This look allows for comfort and style at the same time. Staying comfortable on the plane can be a bit more difficult when there’s crying babies or snoring grandpas. I always bring my Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones so I can get work done during the flight without too many distractions. If I’m lucky enough to be travelling for leisure, I’ll rock jeans and an OLSEN hoodie. I love pulling up the Olsen hood right when I’m about to walk off the plane in to that first brush of cold air.  Even though I might not be at home anymore, on the inside of the OLSEN, I feel like I am.

I hope a few of these tips help make traveling more comfortable.  And make wherever you’re going feel like home.


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