Acknowledging your Uniqe'ness

October 12, 2016

Acknowledging your Uniqe'ness

The concept of uniqe’ness is at the core of our business, in fact, we’ve literally built our whole company around it! We strive to give our customers the most individual, unique design, specific to their brand. When we meet with our clients to come up with a new design for their apparel, we don’t suggest ideas that are the same as everything else out there; we encourage them to be different! We acknowledge the uniqe’ness in each of our clients because it’s their individuality that makes them stand out, and we think standing out is a good thing!

As we look to recognize National Stop Bullying Day, we want to be reminded of the fact that each of us is unique, and that uniqueness isn’t something to shy away from. So many of us can relate to being bullied for something that made us different. For me personally, I think back to when I was a student and remember how bullying made me feel small or unworthy, not good enough, even afraid. There were times in my life that I remember being the one on the other side of bullying, which in some cases, felt much worse.  It was those feelings as a student that caused me to take a deeper look at how I wanted to feel.  Upon years of addressing this, I simply came to the understanding that what I want to feel is happiness. Interestingly enough, I've also come to know that this wanting to feel good is fundamental for every human being.  Not just for me, but every single person on the face of this earth wants to be happy.  It is with this understanding that I can understand the similarities that exist with my neighbor along with respecting their differences. I want to enjoy my life and to understand more and more what it means to be alive.  I want to experience joy, I want to learn, and I want to collaborate with people. Overall I just want to feel good. One way I knew I could create that good feeling for myself was to help give it to others. I want to help make people feel comfortable and allow them to see that their uniqueness isn’t something that should be made fun of, but embraced!

A few months ago during a company meeting, we introduced the word “Genshai”.  It means, “to not treat others as to make them feel small.” It is something we strive to be conscious of in our efforts to help people feel comfortable. Yes, there are challenges in life and in day-to-day business, but at the end of the day can we all come out on top, treat others with respect and feel good. It was important to us as a company to align this concept of “Genshai” in our daily interactions, not only with one-another but with our customers as well. The idea of Genshai and acknowledging your uniqe’ness go hand-in-hand!  We thought it was important, especially today, to remind people of the age-old wisdom “treat others as you would like to be treated” and hopefully in that understanding can look to master Genshai and acknowledge each others' uniqe'ness.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, check out for info on how to get help!


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