How Would You Describe Your Apparel From Sportiqe?

October 16, 2013

Everything from the apparel we produce to the service we provide at Sportiqe puts fans first. And now, we'd like to incorporate the voice of our fans into our product descriptions.

We've found that customers who wear Sportiqe have uniqe ways of describing our apparel. Here are some of the ways customers have described their apparel from Sportiqe:

"The BUTLER is the softest sweatshirt in the history of sweatshirts!" - Joy J.

"The Dead Chopper t-shirt conjures up images of a time when the nomadic spirit was alive - it's an understated tribute to the band and the free spirit that accompanied the legions of fans who made their livelihood following the band they loved." - Brian M.

"We could live in our One Heart tees." - Shannon H.

The HALVE A HEART t-shirt is perfect for anyone who has a HLHS son or daughter. Wearing this shirt makes people aware of this rare heart condition that affects your child." - Gina N.

"Support heart awareness and look cute doing it? Sold." - Bethany T.

Do you have any words that help describe what you love about your apparel? If so, drop us a line at