The Story Behind Sportiqe Headwear

September 04, 2013

This month Sportiqe ventured into a new category: Headwear

Although, if you're familiar with the Sportiqe story, headwear is where it all started. 

When Jason Franklin was 11, he dreamed of being the starting point for the Chicago Bulls. But, after a visit to the doctor, Jason was told that an NBA career probably wasn't going to be in his future. Instead, if he wanted to be involved with sports, he'd have to find something else. 

Jason loved to design hats with sports logos on them. At the age of 12, Jason got the chance to design baseball hats for a company out of Chicago. One of the hats he designed at the age of 13 was worn by Jay-Z in the Girls, Girls, Girls video. Another hat Jason designed was worn by 50 Cent in his Wanksta video. Clearly Jason had a talent for designing fashionable apparel for fans, so after working for this company for 13 years, Jason decided to co-found Sportiqe Apparel.

50 Cent Hat Wanksta

Sportiqe was founded in 2006 for that uniqe person that embodies freedom, courage, passion, and wants to be themselves. Comfort is at the cornerstone of every Sportiqe style coupled with trend right designs and graphics. And this year, Sportiqe is proud to have extended it's offering to headwear. 

Here are some celebrities who enjoy Sportiqe headwear. You can shop the collection here.

Matthew Stafford Hat

Joe Mauer Sportiqe hat

Calais Campbell Sportiqe Hat

Paul Goldschmidt Sportiqe hat

Cody Ross Sportiqe Hat

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