Dexter Fowler and The Leadoff Leaders

August 08, 2013

Recently, Dexter Fowler, the leadoff hitter for the Colorado Rockies, and his wife, Aliya, launched a new charity called Dexter Fowler's Leadoff Leaders. This mission of Leadoff Leaders is an effort to give back to the community of strong supporters. Leadoff Leaders gives them the opportunity to honor individuals and organizations who pledge their time to making a difference in the Denver area. 

“The community spirit in Denver is really awesome, with so many people committing their time, energy and resources to giving back to others,” Dexter said. “We want to highlight those leaders and call attention to their efforts and impact.”


Check out out Players collection, dedicated to the causes near and dear to a few wonderful athletes' hearts. 

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To find out what Dexter and the Leadoff Leaders are up to check out:

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