Salt Lick BBQ T Shirt - Driftwood, Texas

January 16, 2014

The Salt Lick BBQ Shirt is part of our Hometown Classics collection and honors the “must go” barbecue restaurant in Driftwood, Texas. The restaurant’s rich local history and tasty BBQ are what make it a Hometown Classic.

Salt Lick BBQ Shirt - Black

Salt Lick BBQ began in 1967, when a man named Thurman Rogers gave up his career and started selling cooked meat in order to stay with his family in Driftwood. Eventually, his meat grew in popularity and his sons helped him expand his BBQ pit into a restaurant.

Now owned by Thurman’s son Scott, Salt Lick BBQ is booming with business every day of the week. The restaurant uses a variation of a family recipe from 1867 to make the best brisket in town. 

With the Salt Lick BBQ shirt by Sportiqe, you can honor this family-owned Texas barbecue’s rich history and spectacular flavor.

Sportiqe Womens Salt Lick BBQ Marshall Shirt

Even if you aren’t in Driftwood, you can still completely enjoy this Hometown Classic. Salt Lick BBQ offers online ordering and will deliver pre-cooked dinners anywhere in the US, making it possible to take in the savory flavor of the sauce from far away. If you want something to remind you of the restaurant’s history and atmosphere while you eat your home-delivered meal, the Salt Lick BBQ shirt can do the trick.

A true-to-size fit and a tri blend of polyester, cotton and rayon mean that you can enjoy a large amount of barbecue in comfort and style.

Whether you wear it to the restaurant, wear it every day, or use it as a rag to wipe the barbecue sauce off your hands, the Salt Lick BBQ shirt will tell the world that you are a fan of great hometown BBQ.

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