Bill Walton Rocking Grateful Dead NBA Shirts

June 11, 2013

Bill Walton Grateful Dead Shirt

It's no secret that Bill Walton is a BIG fan of the Grateful Dead. He attended more than 650 Grateful Dead concerts, including traveling with the band to Egypt for its famous 1978 performance before the Pyramids (joining the band on drums). In the video for "Touch of Grey", Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is wearing a Celtics jacket that was given to him by Bill Walton. And in 2001, Bill Walton (aka Grateful Red, World's Tallest Deadhead, Big Red Deadhead) was inducted into The Grateful Dead Hall of Honor.

So it's no wonder why Bill Walton loves the Grateful Dead NBA shirts we've produced here at Sportiqe. The Grateful Dead NBA collection bridges the gap between fashion, music and sports. Each shirt features either the Steal Your Face graphic or the Dancing Bear and your favorite NBA team's psychedelic logo. These are officially licensed shirts by both the Grateful Dead and the NBA. They're made of 100% cotton, and as Bill says in the image below, "it's great fabric."

Bill Walton Grateful Dead Shirt - Boston Celtics

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