Sony Open Tennis Shirts

March 21, 2013

Sportiqe Apparel has produced new Sony Open Tennis shirts for the 300,000+ fans who will attend the tournament in Miami between March 18-31, 2013.

The dream of an international tennis tournament in Miami began in the 1960s, when top tennis players such as Jack Kramer, Frank Sedgman, Pancho Gonzalez, Pancho Segura and Butch Buchholz toured the country in a station wagon, playing tennis in darkened arenas and fairgrounds. It was before the days of Open tennis, and they traveled with a portable canvas court and plenty of hopes.

Today, the Sony Open Tennis Tournament is the first major tournament of the year and attracts more than 300,000 fans to Miami. Sportiqe has produced a line of Sony Open Tennis shirts and apparel that will be sold at the Open. Here's some pictures of the apparel, along with some more uniqe attributes of the Sony Open Tennis Tournament.

Sony Open Tennis 2013 Shirt

What's uniqe about the Sony Open Tennis Tournament? The Sony Open is one of the few events on the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and WTA tours where the main singles draw (for both the men and the women) involves more than 64 players and where main draw play extends beyond one week. 96 men and 96 women compete in the singles competition, and 32 teams compete in each of the doubles competitions. The event lasts 12 days. As of 2012, ESPN televises early-round coverage in the U.S. and CBS broadcasts the men's and women's finals.

Sony Ericcson Open Shirts By Sportiqe Apparel

What else is uniqe about the Sony Open Tennis Tournament? In 2006, the tournament became the first event in the United States to use instant replay to allow players to challenge close line calls.

Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament Shirts By Sportiqe Apparel

Uniqe Sony Open Tennis Tournament fact: Serena Williams has won 5 times.

Sony Open Tennis Shirts By Sportiqe Apparel

Uniqe Sony Open Tennis Tournament fact: Andre Agassi has won 6 times.

Sony Ericsson Open Miami Shirt By Sportiqe Apparel

Uniqe Sony Open Tennis Tournament fact: Both Steffi Graf and Serena Williams have appeared in the women's final 7 times.

Sony Ericsson Tennis Miami 2013 Tank Top

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