Reid Fragel - Ohio State Buckeye Right Tackle Stops By Sportiqe

January 21, 2013

Reid Fragel, former Ohio State Buckeye Right Tackle and current 2013 NFL draft prospect stopped by Sportiqe for some new gear.

Reid Fragel is a 6'8", 315 pound right tackle from Ohio State University. Reid Fragel played in all 39 games over the last three years, started in nine of them at tight end and wore jersey No. 88. His senior season, Reid switched over to play at right tackle. Reid consulted with his coaches and made the move to right tackle before the start of spring ball, which gave him time to start gaining weight before spring drills. Reid went from 280 pounds to 298 and now weighs in at 315 for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Here are some pictures of Reid Fragel and his stop at Sportiqe. We've also included the shirts Reid is wearing in the pictures with links on where to buy.

Reid Fragel - NFL Draft Prospect
Reid Fragel in the ESPN Pill Comfy Shirt.

ESPN Racetrack T-Shirt
The ESPN ’79 Sports Heaven collection is a retro capsule inspired by what was happening in sports and fashion when ESPN began broadcasting in 1979. The ESPN Sports Heaven clothing collection, which consists of men’s and women’s pieces, includes ESPN tees, ESPN hats, ESPN tank tops, and ESPN hooded sweatshirts. The fashion is athletic, with the ESPN logo seen on numerous pieces. The clothing includes notable ESPN catchphrases like, “Let’s Go To The Highlights.” The Mothership t-shirt even lists out the ESPN address: 545 Middle Street, Bristol CT.

Reid Fragel - OSU Buckeye in Buckeye Donuts Shirt
There's nothing like seeing a Buckeye in the Buckeye Donuts shirt. Here Reid is wearing one of our favorites from the Hometown Classic Collection. A Hometown Classic is the “must see” “must do” “must have” place that is in almost every town. A place who’s iconic status fills you with a sense of belonging by just being there. That’s a hometown classic, and Buckeye Donuts in Columbus, Ohio is one of those places.

Buckeye Donuts T-Shirt By Sportiqe
Don’t let the name fool you. Serving more than 30 donut varieties, they offer an eclectic Mediterranean-themed menu as well, 24-hours a day. Whether you opt for a gyro or a deep fried pastry, their nostalgic ’60s style dining will make you feel like a kid again, even in the middle of the night. If you are a Buckeye, or just want a modern souvenir with a vintage twist, show your city pride with a Hometown Classic. Purchase this Buckeye Donuts shirt here.

Reid Fragel - Ohio State Buckeye

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