Ryan Johnson

November 01, 2012

Many people ask myself and other Sportiqe team members, “who is the dude on our website?”

I thought I might shed a little light on the subject on who this person is, and the amazing story of how we met. How I met Ryan Johnson… I always say that good people find a way to meet each other. This is a story that exemplifies just that.

When Ryan and I tell people how we met, they’re just floored by the story. The first year Sportiqe started to produce apparel for the Dave Matthews Band, I set up a weekend trip with 5 of my best friends to Alpine Valley for the two DMB shows over July 4th weekend. Trying to be responsible my group booked a hotel up in the area. However, when we got to the hotel, we realized that we forgot to book travel arrangements to the venue. When I went up to the concierge, she informed us there were ZERO opportunities to book any transportation, however, there was a group of 3 Canadian fellows that were (according to concierge) the “THE NICEST” guys. She went on to tell me that this group had booked a stretch limo for 3 people, and that if I asked nicely I could probably get my group of 6 a ride.

One of the Canadians happened to be Ryan Johnson. When I told my predicament to Ryan, he without hesitation asked my group to join his. The nine of us ended up hanging out the rest of the weekend. For those of you who don’t know who Ryan Johnson is (and I didn’t know until his friends told me) Ryan is one of the most well respected players in the National Hockey League. He has had a prolific 11-year career in the NHL. He has played over 700 games as a professional hockey player.

However, the coolest thing about Ryan is that in talking to him, you would have no idea about all of his accomplishments. He is so humble. Ryan is just a genuinely good person. Fast-forward 7 years and Ryan is one of my best friends. I’m a constant guest at his condo in Ft. Lauderdale. I assisted Ryan in meeting his wife Jenner, and I’m now “Uncle Frankie” to their son Rowan. There is not a summer that goes by that we don’t make plans to go check some concerts. Ryan is what I call a TRIPLE A FRIEND. He is someone that I would do anything for, anytime, anywhere. He has been the same type of friend to me in return. He has been instrumental in the growth of Sportiqe. He has opened up his rolodex of friends and business associates, and yes even flew out for a Sportiqe photo shoot.

I have been so fortunate in my life to meet so many good people, and Ryan is one of the best. The RYAN is one of the most comfortable hoodies we have ever created at Sportiqe. This hoodie is made of organic cotton, and can be worn year round. I’m certain you will all enjoy it.

sportiqe brand ryan


sportiqe brand ryan




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