October 09, 2012

Greg Olsen Sportiqe ApparelPeople that know Sportiqe know that we have some pretty uniqe style and graphic names. This season is no different.

We want to let you in on some background of why we name some of the styles/graphics that we do. You might recognize some as song titles, or characters in movies. However, there are some pieces in every collection that are named after someone who has inspired us. Naming a style name after them is one of the biggest compliments that we can think to give someone. Their name will be forever woven into the Sportiqe culture. There is no way that we could do what we do without the motivation and inspiration that these people have provided for us.

One of the new style names is "OLSEN."

This is one of our new fleece pull over hoodies. It’s got some thickness to it, this is the piece you want to wear in the snow or in a cold rain. It’s rugged. However, when you put it on, like most Sportiqe garments, it’s one of the softest things in your closet. I got the chance to meet Greg and Kara Olsen 5 years ago when they just moved to Chicago. Greg is a HUGE dude. He’s one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Greg is tough when he’s on the football field. However, when you get the chance to spend time with him and the rest of his family, they’re some of the warmest people I have ever met. Greg is a giant teddy bear. His families charity outreach is incredible. Receptions for Resarch raises thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. Their annual kickball tournament is the largest in the Chicagoland area.

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