Ed Debevic's T-Shirt | Chicago's Hometown Classic

August 22, 2012

Sportiqe is giving away a t-shirt every day in August to celebrate our uniqe clothing collections and customers. That's right. 31 days. 31 t-shirts. Just for you, because you are uniqe.

This Ed Debevic's Comfy T-Shirt is one of our Hometown Classics. Ed Debevic's is a Hometown Classic because it's the "must see" "must do" "must have" place in Chicago. It's iconic status fills you with a sense of belonging by just being there.

Established in 1984, this local Chicago chain is a classic 1950’s and 60’s theme restaurant that’s sure to not just feed you, but entertain you! In addition to their delicious diner food, their 50‘s-style costumed and overly-outgoing wait staff takes breaks to dance on table tops. It’s QUITE the experience.

So whether you're an Illinois native or seeking a modern souvenir with a vintage twist, show your city pride with a Ed Debevic's t shirt.

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Ed Debevic's t shirt

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