Georgia Pig BBQ T-Shirt

August 21, 2012

This Georgia Pig t-shirt is one of our Hometown Classics. The Georgia Pig is a Hometown Classic because it's the "must see" "must do" "must have" place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Georgia Pig is a restaurant who's iconic status fills you with a sense of belonging by just being there. Whether you're enjoy some BBQ or just a simple slice of pie, you'll see that the Georgia Pig is a Hometown Classic.

A little more about the Georgia Pig:

    • Don't blink or you'll miss this authentic Southern BBQ joint.
    • If you do blink, you won't miss the thick ribbons of smoke from blazing oak and slowly rendered pork.
    • The Georgia Pig is a Florida institution, and has been run by the same couple since 1954.
    • The Georgia Pig recipes or interior has been updated since.

Hey, why change a good thing?

So whether you're a true Southerner or seeking a modern souvenir with a vintage twist, show your city pride with a Georgia Pig t-shirt.

Georgia Pig T Shirt

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