Bubby's Pie Company T-Shirt

August 17, 2012

This Bubby's Pie Company t-shirt is one of our Hometown Classics. A Hometown Classic is the "must see" "must do" "must have" place that is in almost every town. A place who's iconic status fills you with a sense of belonging by just being there. That's a hometown classic, and Bubby's Pie Company in New York, NY is one of those places.

From homemade pies to bacon-wrapped meatloaf, nothing quite says comfort food like Bubby's in New York City. It's rustic Americana theme is highlighted by a modern menu boasting local, farm fresh ingredients. And thanks to intimate ambiance, it's become a neighborhood hotspot and is no stranger to NYC's biggest celebs. So wether you're a New York native or seeking a modern souvenir with a vintage twist, show your city pride with a Hometown Classic.

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Bubby's T-Shirt By Sportiqe Apparel

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