The 2012 Mock NBA T-Shirt Draft

June 28, 2012

Tonight is the night for the NBA draft. To celebrate this uniqe occasion, we decided to do a mock draft of t-shirts for every NBA team we work with.

Here's our expert opinion on which t-shirt will go where and when.

1. New Orleans Hornets

In a classy move, the New Orleans Hornets show love to NBA draft host ESPN by selecting the ESPN Cream Pancakes Distressed Premium T-shirt with the first pick of the 2012 Sportiqe NBA T-Shirt Mock Draft.

New Orleans Hornets ESPN T-Shirt

2. Charlotte Bobcats

In an effort to revitalize the fan base, the Bobcats select the Bobcats "Cheer" shirt by Sportiqe.

Charlotte Bobcats Sportiqe Tee

3. Washington Wizards

No shocker here. The Wizards play it safe and select the Tap Cornbread Super Soft Vintage Washed Tee.

Washington Wizards T-shirt

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

There were a lot of ways the Cavs could have gone with the fourth pick in the Sportiqe NBA T-Shirt Mock Draft, but they've decided to go with the Vintage Tubbs S/S Tee. Great choice considering the wide collection they had to choose from.

Cleveland Cavaliers Shirt By Sportiqe

5. Sacramento Kings

We remember what the Kings did last year in the NBA Draft when they selected Jimmer Fredette. What will they do this year in the Sportiqe mock draft?

Jimmer Fredette - Sacramento Kings

The Kings have logged their pick. They've decided to show some love to the ladies and select the Peace/Love Triblend T-Shirt.

Sacramento Kings T-Shirt By Sportiqe

6. Portland Trail Blazers (from Brooklyn Nets)

Ladies and gentleman, we have a trade. With the sixth pick in the Sportiqe Mock NBA T-Shirt Draft, the Brooklyn Nets have negotiated the rights to JUSTIN BIEBER to the Portland Trail Blazers!!!

Justin Bieber in Hello Brooklyn Shirt

Wow. Didn't see this one coming. The Trail Blazers are taking a huge gamble on Justin. He already was rocking the Hello Brooklyn t-shirt. He'll probably pull a Ricky Rubio and sit out a year or two.

7. Golden State Warriors

Talk about drafting for the future. The Golden State Warriors will be moving to San Francisco in 2017, and with the 7th selection in the Sportiqe Mock NBA T-Shirt Draft, they have selected the "San Francisco" Warriors Royal Blue Cornbread T-Shirt.

San Francisco Warriors T-Shirt By Sportiqe

8. Toronto Raptors

It gets cold in Canada, which is why the Toronto Raptors have gone long sleeve with the 8th pick in the Sportiqe Mock T-shirt Draft.

Toronto Raptors Tee By Sportiqe

9. Detroit Pistons

Detroit pays homage to it's history by selecting a comfy t-shirt with a vintage feel. Great steal at the 9th pick.

Detroit Pistons Tee By Sportiqe

10. New Orleans Hornets (from Minnesota T'Wolves via Clippers)

We have teams making serious moves here. The Clippers have traded BILLY CRYSTAL to the T'Wolves, who then traded him to the New Orleans Hornets at the 10th pick. Billy is a diehard Clippers fan...not sure how well this will fair for New Orleans.

Billy Crystal in Sportiqe

11. Portland Trail Blazers

In a pick only they could have pulled off, Portland has selected the 'Rip City' Vintage Tee in White. This is going to fit in really nicely with a lot of collections in Portland.

Portland Trail Blazers Rip City By Sportiqe

12. Houston Rockets (from Milwaukee Bucks)

Excellent pick here for the Rockets at the twelve spot. They pick up some much needed fashion for the fan while celebrating the team's roots dating back to 1967.


13. Phoenix Suns

With the last pick in the lottery, the Suns have selected a purple tee from the Vintage Harmon collection.


14. Milwaukee Bucks (from Houston Rockets)

Milwaukee really went out on a limb here. They've gone completely against the grain and have selected a Sportiqe Hometown Classic in Superdawg. Word on the street is that they really liked Superdawg's ability to deal with the pressure from the line. Plus, one of Superdawg's cross streets is Milwaukee Avenue. If you ask us, great addition to the Milwaukee lineup. Every one in Milwaukee loves a good brat.

Superdawg Tee By Sportiqe

15. Philadelphia 76ers

This pick has Philadelphia 76ers written all over it.

Philadelphia Sixers By Sportiqe

16. Houston Rockets (from the New York Knicks)

With the 16th pick, the Rockets have selected the ESPN Cream Pancakes Distressed Premium T-shirt.

Houston Rockets ESPN Shirt By Sportiqe

17. Dallas Mavericks

At the 17th pick, the Dallas Mavericks select whatever shirt Mark Cuban is wearing. Very safe pick here by the Mavs.

Cuban Finals Game 1

18. Houston Rockets (from Minnesota T'Wolves)

With the 18th pick, Houston has selected the Rockets Crocket tee. This gives the Rockets the inside presence they've been looking for in the middle.


19. Orlando Magic

What a uniqe pick here by the Magic. They've selected the Magic Charcoal Atari Premium T-shirt at 19. Absolute steal for them here.

Orlando Magic Tee By Sportiqe

20. Denver Nuggets

It gets cold in Denver, which is why taking the Nuggets Vintage Hoodie with the 20th pick fits this fan base so well.

Denver Nuggets Hoodie By Sportiqe

21. Boston Celtics

The Celtics have selected Mark Wahlberg's favorite Celtics t-shirt with the 21st pick!

Mark Wahlberg

22. Boston Celtics (from Clippers via Oklahoma City)

Wow. And the Celtics select Boyd Tinsley's t-shirt with the 22nd pick. Talk about star power. Miami's Big 3 better watch out next year!

Boyd Tinsley wearing a SPORTIQE Boston Celtics T

23. Atlanta Hawks

With the 23rd pick, Atlanta has taken the Hawks Harlem T-Shirt. Such a great throwback.

Atlanta Hawks Tee By Sportiqe

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (from LA Lakers)

Cleveland has always been a proud city, and this tee fits in nicely with this town's vibe.

Cleveland Cavs This Town Tee By Sportiqe

25. Memphis Grizzlies

Are you feeling the love in Memphis with this 25th pick?

Memphis Grizzlies T-Shirt By Sportiqe

26. Indiana Pacers

With the 26th pick, the Pacers select the Lauren V-Neck.

Indiana Pacers Shirt By Sportiqe

27. Miami Heat

The 2012 NBA Champion Miami Heat select the Finals Edition Abba Shirt. Great way to cap off the season with this pick.


28. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Western Conference Champion Oklahoma City Thunder select a NBA Finals t-shirt. Tough decision here at 28 for the Thunder considering all their apparel options, but in the end, this shirt really sets the tone for next year.

OKC Thunder Finals Shirt By Sportiqe

29. Chicago Bulls

At 29, the Bulls have selected an ESPN Now Playing: The Rose Show t-shirt. Let's hope this pick can recover from injuries so the roadtrip continues.

Derrick Rose Cornbread Tee By Sportiqe

30. Golden State Warriors (from San Antonio Spurs)

And with the last pick in the Sportiqe Mock NBA T-Shirt Draft, the Golden State Warriors select the Women's Royal Blue Love Vintage Crewneck T-Shirt.

Golden State Warriors Tee By Sportiqe

And that's it for the Sportiqe Mock NBA T-Shirt Draft! To purchase Sportiqe apparel, please click this link or visit us on Pinterest at

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