Sportiqe at Bloomies

September 07, 2011

Everything in New York is bigger, and the Bloomingdales on the East Side of Manhattan is no exception. So when Sportiqe threw its second annual US Open collection bash at this Bloomingdales, of course it was going to be something special. After winding through the infinite row of cosmetic booths and accessory stations, I ventured through three spectacular floors of stunning merchandise until I finally settled into the generous Sportiqe/USTA/Bloomingdales-sponsored event. It was truly unlike any experience I have ever had in a retail space.

Absolutely breathtaking.

At the event, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing Sportiqe’s new US Open collection, eating some delicious appetizers, sipping some cocktails, playing Wii tennis on a big screen TV, listening to some great music provided by a live DJ, catching up with Sporitqe Principal Jason Franklin, and of course meeting others at the event including Chris Terranova and Paul White from the USTA and Jerry DePizzo, Chris Culous and Richard On from O.A.R. The collection received compliments all night from the various patrons I talked to, who seemed excited about the concept of a company providing comfortable and well-designed apparel for the fan.

We all look forward to the final week of US Open tennis here in the states as the competition heats up. Sportiqe is thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate US Open tennis with the USTA through providing this amazing collection for the tennis and sports fans around the country. If you can’t make it to this spectacular tournament or any of the Bloomingdales locations that carry our product, you can find our US Open thermal hoodie online here.

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