Dispatch is Back!

June 03, 2011

I remember one hot summer day in 1998, my friends and I were driving to a nearby lake when someone reached into a backpack and pulled out the brand new Dispatch CD “Bang Bang.” We rocked out to “The General,” “Bats in the Belfry,” and “Drive” the entire drive and could not get enough. When I got home, I immediately went to my local record store and bought everything I could.

Dispatch became my obsession for the next four years. I was captivated by the rawness of their recordings, the three-part harmonies, and the extensive variety of their sound. They have ska songs, acoustic-folk songs, hip-hop songs and all are written with such uniqueness and energy.

Then 2002 came and the band announced an indefinite hiatus. We were all devastated.

Nine years, two live albums, two DVDs, a handful of short-lived revival concerts and a lot of charity work (including the Elias Fund) later, Dispatch is officially back!!

Their first studio album (a six-track EP) in over 10 years was released on May 17th and immediately shot to #2 on the iTunes albums chart. The band stayed true to their M.O. as being a versatile band capable of pulling off many genres, but does so with just a bit more of a rock edge and higher production value. In addition to the new music, they announced a summer tour that includes 13 dates in June, highlighted by shows at such iconic venues as Red Rocks, The Greek Theatre in LA, TD Garden in Boston, Millennium Park in Chicago and a handful of others. They will also be hopping on the DMB Caravan for a couple of dates in August/September.

Sportiqe is honored to have the opportunity to create exclusive event tees for all of the Dispatch tour dates and be part of something so special. Each tee features a classic Sportiqe graphic, the tour date, and the logo of each city’s NBA team. Below is the event tee for the Red Rocks shows on 6/3 and 6/4. Check back throughout the next few weeks as we reveal each event tee the day of each show!

So if you are planning to see this historical live event make sure you support this talented band by picking up a piece of the Sportiqe collection. The tees will not be available online and only as a limited run at the shows, so once they’re sold out... they’re sold out!

Congratulations Dispatch! Welcome the Sportiqe family. We look forward to many more years of music and cool merch to come.



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