ESPN - Sports Heaven

March 07, 2011

It’s hard to imagine… but there was a time when no 24-hour sports network existed. Then in 1979, the visionary Bill Rasmussen emerged to create the world’s first cable sports network: ESPN! Initially, the network aired off-beat amateur sports such as Slo-Pitch Solftball, Australian Rules Football, and the World Frisbee Championship.

The network quickly caught on and soon became began marketing itself as "The Worldwide Leader in Sports." So to honor these humble beginnings, Sportiqe has designed an apparel collection that we call “Sports Heaven.” The ESPN Sports Heaven Collection combines Sportiqe’s fashion-forward designs with ESPN’s original programming line-up and logos, making a collection of vintage-inspired apparel. The collection is now available at Bloomingdales across the country in addition to our online boutique.

Below are a few images of the collection.

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