Hometown Classics Spotlight

January 14, 2011

Many of those reading this are familiar with our Hometown Classics collections. A Hometown Classic is the “must see,” “must do,” “must have” place that is in almost every town - A place whose iconic status fills you with a sense of belonging by just being there. Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen in Chicago epitomizes the Hometown Classic (Our Manny’s HTC tee is available here).

To honor these local icons, we have asked people who know these spots well to explain exactly why they have fallen in love with these places. Below is a description of Manny’s written by friend of Sportiqe and Chicago native Steven Goldberg.

“Founded in 1942, Manny's is the last of the great Chicago Delis. Everyone compares bagels and delis to New York, this is Chicago and Manny's is the best around. Find a bigger and better Corned Beef or Pastrami Sandwich, plate of spaghetti, stuffed cabbage or Macaroni & Cheese anywhere, I dare you, because you can not do it.

I was born and raised in Chicago; I have been going to Manny's all my life, with my father as a kid and now as an adult and still love it every single time. There is no where else in Chicago where you can find such a microcosm of people. Any given workday you will find tourists, politicians, policemen, fireman, bankers, lawyers, business and tradesmen sitting and enjoying Manny’s together.

The Ruskin Family (and Gino, the best corn beef man around) are always there keeping things running. They are friendly, helpful and always available to talk. They actually care their customers are happy and make you keep coming back for more.

There are not many places left like Manny’s in Chicago, but I have a feeling the next generation will continue coming back as I have for many years to come…A true Hometown classic.”

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