Webisode II - "Goal of the Century"

June 16, 2010

Twenty-five years ago, Diego Maradona ruled the soccer world with his both his skill and unique personality. Today, Maradona remains a legend as Argentina's nearly-out-of-his-mind coach and inspirational leader. His antics off the field (including a cocaine addiction and recently promising to run through Buenos Aires naked if his team wins the World Cup) may have compounded his celebrity status, but his talent on the field is what has made him into an icon today.

In 1986, Maradona led his Argentina team undefeated through a tough field including Italy, England, Belgium and Germany to take home the championship cup. The England match, to this day, is considered one of the greatest matches of all time. Maradona scored two goals within four minutes of each other, the second of which has been voted as the greatest goal of the century.

In celebration of this year’s World Cup and our latest apparel collection, we recreated this infamous goal in our second installment of “Reinventing the Classics.” All actors in the video are sporting the “10” shirt found in our World Cup collection found here. We hope you enjoy the video:


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