America Joins the Soccer World, Thank You ESPN!

June 09, 2010

Soccer has been the peanut butter to my jelly since way back in U-6 when I dominated the playing field!

Granted, half the playing field was more interested in picking dandelions than scoring goals... but trust me the passion was there! The perfect balance between the chess-like intellectual, physical and creative aspects of the game that fascinated me and maintained my interest for my entire life.

Most of our beautiful country doesn't agree. Don't get me wrong, I love American football! I watch my Packers every Sunday and don't talk to anyone for days when they lose (***Still mourning the Karlos Dansby and Roethlisberger/Wallace plays). But I've come to realize that that passion I have for the Packers is more cultural identity than love and respect for the game.

That kind of passion is hands down the most powerful.

Out sports cultural identity is already filled to capacity with 3/4 NFL/MLB and 1/4 NBA/NHL. There just isn't room for soccer. There are millions of Americans who play and love the game of soccer but just don't have any bit of themselves to attach to a team and truly become emotionally invested.

When it comes to soccer, America has always been on our own isolated island. We've been on the outside looking in, wondering how people could become so preposterously obsessed with something so boring! Now, whether we finally see that soccer has depth or whether we just want to fit in, we seem to be taking a much greater interest in this year's World Cup.

ESPN is the front-runner in this promotion.

Between First Take's ongoing segment "I Scored A Goal In The World Cup Finals," World Cup specials on shows like "Outside The Lines," consistent World Cup commercial streaming, and even regularly including soccer in the Sportscenter daily Top 10, ESPN has been pushing the world's biggest sporting event for months now!

Below are a couple of ESPN's World Cup commercials. If you haven't been inspired yet to watch any of the games, check out these clips and maybe you'll see why this game is loved by billions!

The Power of 10:


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