Top 10 Displays of Sports Toughness

May 26, 2010

With the recent incredible displays of toughness by Steve Nash and Duncan Keith, it's hard not to put yourself in their shoes/skates. I mean if I'm walking and kick a table leg or walk into a TV (yes it happened... don't ask) it ruins my day!

Duncan Keith lost 7 teeth after being hit in the face with a HOCKEY PUCK!?

Steve Nash broke his nose only days after having his eye swollen shut from a flying elbow?!

WHAT!? Come on... I wouldn't be able to stand after those injuries nonetheless help win a vital playoff game for a team that counts on me. But I suppose that's why they get paid to be in peak physical condition and I don't...

So I honor these great men and the many before them with this top 10 list:

Top 10 Displays of Sports Toughness

10. Anquan Boldin only misses two weeks after a vicious hit, which caused him to have 8 plates put into his face to fix two facial fractures and wiring to fix his broken jaw.

9. Bill Gadsby, in his illustrious 20 year NHL career, needs 640 stitches... I say no more.

8. Terrell Owens returns prematurely from a sprained ankle and fractured leg to dominate (albeit a losing effort) a Super Bowl with 9 catches for 122 yards.

7. Ted Williams wins the 1954 batting title despite breaking his collarbone in preseason. Keep in mind this was just after he flew 39 combat missions in the Korean war!

6. Brett Favre has started a million games in a row (and still counting). Most of them were with broken fingers and sprained ankles. Time to walk away?

5. Curt Schilling wins game 6 for the Red Sox on basically one leg and a bloodied sock from an injured Achilles against the Yankees. This was a pivotal game in what can be considered the greatest comeback of MLB postseason history.

4. Ronnie Lott has a doctor amputate the tip of his pinky finger so he won't miss any more games!

3. Kerri Strugg, on a sprained ankle with tendon damage, jumps a final vault in the 1996 Olympic Games and wins a gold medal for the USA gymnastics team.

2. Willis Reed of the NY Knicks tears a muscle in his leg in game six of the 1970 NBA finals. He limps onto the court in game 7 and inspires his team to victory.

1. Tiger Woods steps onto course for the final round of the 2008 US Open with a torn ACL. He stretches the 72-hole four day event into a 91 hole marathon and of course he won! He's Tiger Woods.


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