How King James Will Get His Crown... Cavs, Knicks, Clippers, Heat, Nets, Bulls.

May 19, 2010

LeBron James really has it rough. Yeah he has a $90 million shoe contract with Nike. Yeah he’s been the league MVP two straight seasons. Yeah he has a gold medal. Yeah he’s in tons of commercials, has a posse of celebrity friends, is ranked #1 in the Forbes Top 20 Earners Under 25 with $27 million a year, yeah he…

Well… Maybe I have it wrong. He’s got it pretty good.

After being prematurely bounced from the playoffs last week, I watched LeBron dejectedly answer questions from the press about his speculated/uncertain future. Now, most star athletes answer these type of questions with “I’m going to do what’s best for my family” - translating to: “I’m going to go to who can give me the most money.”

LeBron doesn’t use this stock answer.

He flat out admits he wants be on a winning team and bring home a championship; I believe him. With all of his out-of-proportion hype and his larger-than-life celebrity status, the one thing missing is his ring. His “Precious.” He’ll never outgrow the MJ comparisons (which going to the Bulls will just magnify) in terms of basketball skills, but he’s right there with Jordan in social status! All he’s gotta do is star in the next (fake) animated Pixar movie Space Jam 2 starring Mr. Incredible as the big man, Lightning McQueen at power forward, Buzz Lightyear as the small forward, Wall-E at point guard, Nemo at shooting guard and the old man from Up as the coach. It’s a sure fire sensation!

Anyways, what defines his success? His notoriety and monetary worth? If he’s being honest in his desire to win, the rings will define his success and I can respect that.

So I guess on second thought he does have it rough, the one thing he wants he can’t have.

Is all he needs to truly receive his crown one ring?

My suggestion King James: Cavs? Knicks? Clippers? Heat? Nets? Bulls? Take a huge pay cut and play for the Lakers! Your endorsements are already gigantically humungous you could afford it. That’s a guaranteed ring.


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