UAPB = University of Arkansas... um... Peanut Butter?

March 22, 2010

With the madness of March overwhelming my thoughts, I’ve been asking myself constantly... where in the world is UAPB (University of Arkansas Pine Bluff)?!?!?

Well obviously it’s in Pine Bluff - which is in Arkansas - Duh - But with UAPB dominating Winthrop in the play-in game I wanted to know more about this town and WHY they are a Division 1 team? What is the jelly to PB?

Some quick facts about PB:

  • Population of 50,667, the 7th most populous city in Arkansas
  • It lies along the Arkansas River and is named after a bluff along the river
  • Home of Pine Bluff Arsenal, a site for demolition of chemical weapons
  • Mike Huckabee was a pastor at PB’s Immanuel Baptist Church
  • Original home of Willie Roaf, tackle in the NFL
  • Leading industries are cotton, paper/wood products and wire products.
  • The many paper mills in the area give PB its “distinctive odor” commonly known amongst Arkansans

After this bit of research, I really came to feel a connection with Pine Bluff. I’m thinking about heading there for a little vay-kay... maybe... Anyways, I wish you could have pulled off the greatest upset in the history of sports you guys! Nice try.

You only lost by 29 points! I would have probably lost by a lot more... so congrats!

Go Kentucky!


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