So That Happened... Part II

March 09, 2010

I last left you when I was in Dallas for the NBA All-Star Game.

From Dallas to VEGAS for PROJECT!!

It was soooo good to be back exhibiting at the PROJECT show in Las Vegas.  Really nice to catch up with some old friends and finally show them what we’ve been up to for the past four years: Revolutionizing fashion for the fan!  I am so appreciative that the retailers are starting to recognize Sportiqe as a pioneer and I’m really excited that Sportiqe is going to be all over the retail world this spring/summer and fall.  Stay tuned!!! Below is a pic of our booth from Project.


I can’t talk about Las Vegas without talking about my baby brother Seth.  Seth is THE front desk mgr at the Bellagio Casino/Resort.  To say he is a busy guy is a huge understatement but to help out a family member he will drop everything.  He was a huge help for team Sportiqe with rides, last minute dinner reservations, hotel rooms, he does it all folks.

He is “THE MAN!”

I don’t know a lot of people who have worked so hard to achieve all of the things that he has.   So proud of what he has accomplished and I’m so excited to see what he’s going to become.  Good things happen to good people and he is one of the best!

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