So that happened... Part I

March 02, 2010

I've been keeping real busy the past few weeks so I wanted to spend a few blogs chronicling of my exciting happenings! I begin with two of the sporting world's biggest events: Super Bowl and the NBA All Star Game.

I was in Alabama for about 36 hours and ate BBQ every meal

...  Is it strange that I’m not sick of it yet?

...  Is it strange that in almost every blog I write I talk about food?

But seriously I can’t get enough of Dreamland BBQ.  It is a MUST stop for everyone that gets to the state of Alabama.

Got the chance to host a super bowl party back home in AZ.  Was so great to have a bunch of friends over to watch a great game.  Even had an out of towner show up at the crib for the big game.  How could you not root for the Saints?  The city of New Orleans has been through so much over the past few years.  I am so happy that they finally had something to cheer for.  The only thing that could make the Super Bowl better would be to see some Sportiqe NFL gear in the stadium… One can dream can’t they??  I’m working on it….

From Alabama I went down to Dallas for NBA All-Star weekend. It’s really cool to see people rocking Sportiqe/NBA All-Star gear all over BIG-D.  I got to spend a few days on the retail floor at the NBA Jam Session. The reaction to our All-Star collection was insane!  The BELGIAN waffle was a new intro to the All-Star mix this year.  Check out for some pics! That was usually the first item people picked up in our section.  Everyone would wander throughout the store looking for other items but would always end up meandering back to our section and picking up a few more Sportiqe items :) People are starting to recognize that Sportiqe is THE fashion brand for the fan!!  I celebrated the weekend with picking up a pizza at Louie’s, and almost eating the whole thing before I got on the plane.  Usually I don’t mess with pizza in any other city besides Chicago but Louie’s is an exception.  If you are in Dallas this is another MUST stop!

Stay tuned for some more recent updates :)


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