Sportiqe! (Without The "U")

February 03, 2010

As you may... or may not... have noticed our company name does not sport the standard “U after Q” rule like most words ending in “ique.” This has caused confusion from time to time and I’m making it my GOAL to kill that confusion.

Or at least injure it.

Anyways! So begins my quest of finding signs/words/phrases with its “U” either missing or replaced by another letter. For example:

  • Fink (Funk)
  • Anion (Union)
  • O-Torn (U-Turn)
  • Adders (Udders)
  • etc. etc.

Of course, in the future they will be much more exciting but I just wanted to put a small taste in your mouth. Look forward to some future ridiculousness!

Or should I say fatire ridicloesness!

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