A New Year, A New Perspective

January 18, 2010

Welcome to the launch of Sportiqe’s new social media emphasis! As everyone transitions to the new decade, it’s obvious that Twitter and Facebook have changed the way the public interacts with companies and public figures. We at Sportiqe embrace this change in perspective.

My name is Stefan Benkowski and I’m an intern just hired by Sportiqe, charged with the daunting yet exciting task of leading this platoon into battle against the infinite abyss of the interweb. We will emerge victorious.

coin2 VS firefox

“But Stefan, how exactly does one win against the internet!?” you ask.

Well we realize that our company would be nowhere without the people that support us, so our focus will be on entertaining, enriching and informing you. Look forward to at least two blog posts a week (www.sportiqe.com/blog) by all the employees here in our head office in Tempe, AZ, consistent and intriguing tweets (@sportiqe), weekly contests to give you all prizes on both twitter and facebook, more photos of our product (www.facebook.com/sportiqe), and hilarious videos “reinventing the classics” (www.youtube.com/sportiqe).

I hope you will join us on our journey and continue to support Sportiqe. Thank you and I’ll meet you somewhere in the web of social media.

~ Stefan

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